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Flora? Who is flora ? No, it’s not a gargoyle, despite the picture illustrating this article. Flora is from south of France. Well, no, an Alsatian. Finally, she lives in Mozambique. I know, it’s not easy. A hell of a chick, you can believe that. She’s a humanitarian. But a rather special humanitarian: she created her own company in Beira: Terra Nova. It has two missions: the first is the treatment of household waste, a huge public health problem in many, if not all, Third World countries. The second is, and I quote, “to help the poorest and most marginalized to get out of poverty permanently by giving them a decent job in Terra Nova.”
She has been fighting for 10 years now. Alone. To date, it employs 30 people. That represents 30 families she saved from poverty. Because, her modesty must have suffered, I have to tell you something: not only does she give them a job, she also makes sure that her employees and their families get out of business and not just from a financial point of view. Because poverty is often accompanied by health problems, alcohol, drugs, prostitution and so on.
That is why his company is located in one of the poorest districts of Beira.
And then, on March 14, Cyclone Idai devastated Beira. Hundreds, even thousands of people are homeless. And Flore has been fighting for more than a month now, alongside the NGOs that have arrived on the spot, to help and save lives. Personally, she has a very important goal in mind: to help her “children”, I mean the members of her team, to rebuild their homes. For that, he needs 5000 euros. Yes you have read well: 5000 euros to discuss the houses of 30 families. A little more to rebuild, Terra Nova, also devastated. But his priority is his teams.
So she put a prize pool online. At the time of writing, she has already raised 3,470 euros…. I’m sure we can get to those 5,000. Isn’t that a small thing?
Here is the link to this crowd funding
Oh yes… in the picture of this article, I chose to put the cathedral of Notre-Dame. On Facebook, I saw that many people were shocked by the amounts donated for its reconstruction. I’m going to tell you something: personally, I’m not shocked. If some people want to give to save an architectural treasure, well, so much the better. Everyone does what he likes according to his own sensitivity. And I’ll tell you, I really like this cathedral. I often went there when I left the nearby Hotel Dieu Hospital while Odile was dying there. So yes, so much the better if she is reborn from the ashes.

No, what would shock me is that Flore cannot collect these unfortunate 5,000 euros to rebuild the homes of 30 families. Yes, that would shock me deeply.

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