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Go for adventure in Pakistan

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Pakistan, an unusual destination… for the moment. Go with Haris, a young Pakistani who founded his travel company 4 years ago.

This is its story:
It all started with a business trip to the North of his country. He met two tourists, Belgians who wanted to go to the northern mountains to China. They leave together for 2 or 3 days. For Haris, it’s a revelation: he wants to become a tour guide. Upon his return, he resigned and was hired as a guide for a tour in the North to see how things were going. The next step is to know how to start a company. On Facebook, he gets in touch with English tourists who were looking for information about Pakistan. It offers to serve as a free guide for them. Tourists accept his help for their first week. In the end, his clients are so happy with his service that they hire him as a guide for their entire stay for $450 and also offer him a flight ticket back to Islamabad, allowing Haris to fly for the first time in his life.

After this first successful test, Haris leaves for a full month with a Canadian to whom he offers his services free of charge once again, always with the aim of learning and discovering parts of the country that he does not yet know.
The third clients are a small group of Malaysians: Salima and her friends. For the first time Haris invoices his service. Salima is so happy with her vacation that when she returns she posts many messages on specialized forums in Malaysia. For Haris it is the beginning of a long series of stays organized in Pakistan. Today, 90% of its customers are Malaysian.
Recently, he opened a backpacker in Islamabad in collaboration with Elisha.

So if you want to visit Pakistan, don’t hesitate, it’s the right address, they are both really nice and will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
For more information, the link to his site

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