Giraffe Syndrome

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In the evening, it is well known, it is the time when the animals go to drink. They all go close to the water point and each in turn quenches their thirst.

That night, it was time for me to find a place to camp. I was on my way to Tashkent from Osh, but I had crossed the border a little late and had the sun in my eyes. I don’t like to roll the sun in my eyes. I remember as a child, a donkey that my father, blinded by the sun, had just avoided. However, he had hit the huge bundle of wood that the poor baudet was carrying. So it was time for me to find a place to pitch my tent. I notify a small dirt road that runs along the main road and I quietly walk along it, looking to the right and left for a suitable place. Suddenly, taken with an unquenchable thirst, Utopia stops suddenly at the water point in the giraffe’s position: ass in the air, head down. I almost made a sun.

In fact, a traitor hole hidden by the grass has just trapped Utopia, the front wheel irreparably sunk into the above-mentioned hole. I try, in vain, to get him out of it. Tired, it only sinks deeper. That’s because the bitch is heavy. In such situations, once the immediate danger has been eliminated, it is advisable to act calmly and without stress. I have a little thought for some of my former colleagues who in some situations put pressure on their subordinates to move faster. In general, the result is disastrous. I call it the stress chain, and in the end, the one at the end of the chain always ends up making a mistake. The result is often contrary to the original objective. In the corporate world, this results, at worst, in a loss of money and subsequent irritation of the chain of command. In a solitary travel situation, precipitation and stress are factors in accidents, and can lead to a situation that can be critical.

In this case, I therefore decide that it is urgent to wait. I simply secure Utopia: I cut off the fuel supply, make sure there are no leaks and make sure that it rests as little as possible laterally on the fork to prevent it from twisting.

Once this is done, I start preparing the evening meal and pitch my tent. Tomorrow is another day.

The next day, no elf or forest troll came to pull Utopia out of the hole where she stuffed herself (all alone, like a grown-up, it being understood that I have no responsibility for this unfortunate incident).

In this kind of situation, there are 4 solutions:

1/ Intelligently, you have chosen a light motorcycle for this solo trip, which you can move alone.
2/ You have, before the trip, practiced a few years of weight training in the gym, and 300 kg to lift, is only a trifle for you.
3/ Courageously, you walk until you find some help
4/ You’re on your own…

If you decide to adopt the 4th solution, and if you have not previously adopted one of the first two strategies, this is the ideal time to use your brains.

Already the beauty is too heavy. It is necessary to start by lightening it and therefore undressing it: luggage of course, but also saddle and tank. In short, we must remove everything that can be removed.

Once done, either you can lift it… or not. You should then look at what you have available to help. In my case, I had a strap to click. I then remembered how the farrier holds the horse’s hoof to avoid breaking his back. What if I do the same? Immediately said, immediately done: I attach the fork with the strap and pass it to myself behind my back. In no time at all, Utopia is on two wheels. A little trick: shift into gear, so that you can take time off while engaging.




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