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Canada to Mexico by bicycle and in family

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How many times have I heard: “I’d like to leave, but with children it’s not possible ….”

Yes, it’s true, kids make things a little more complicated … but not impossible away … and then what an adventure for them.

Olivier and Adeline crossed Africa in Tandem a few years ago. I was there the day they left. It was winter, it was snowing.

Since 2015, the family has expanded: Axel appeared at the end of August 2015.

They left by bike from Canada in early July 2016. Axel was just 10 months old. They have just arrived in Yucatan and Axel is approaching its 19 months. So he soon spent half his life on the road …

You can follow them here or on Instagram

Here are some pictures of their journey. A beautiful family dream.

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